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The Buddha Tree

Seventh Dalai Lama
Kelzang Gyatso (1708-1757)
    Tibetans turned to a western Mongol tribe, the Dzungars, to oust Lhabsang Khan. The Dzungar Mongols attacked Lhasa and killed Lhabsang Khan in 1717. The Dzungars, in turn, were ousted by a Chinese army, which in 1720 installed as the Seventh Dalai Lama Kelzang Gyatso. A scholar and poet, he preferred to let ministers attend to the affairs of Tibet. It was during his reign that an ordinance formulated by the Chinese government gave the Dalai Lama rule over Tibet, but attempted to strip him of any real political power. All decisions were supposed to be dictated by a resident Chinese official known as the "amban." The authority and function of the amban is still disputed today.


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