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The Buddha Tree

Fifth Dalai Lama
Lozang Gyatso (1617-1682)
    He is one of only two Dalai Lamas to have the word "Great" added to his title. He forged an alliance with the powerful Mongol military leader Gushri Khan to unify Tibet under the Gelugpa order. Lozang Gyatso enjoyed a passionate following among the Mongols. He instituted rules for monastic organization, studies, rituals, and monks' behavior that remain in effect today, and began construction of the great Potala palace in Lhasa, which is one of the wonders of the world. He also wrote histories, poetry, and work based on visionary experiences. Lozang Gyatso visited the emperor of the Chinese Qing Dynasty, after which the relationship between emperors and Dalai Lamas was generally regarded as one between patron and priest. Lozang Gyatso's death in 1682 was not announced until 1697, as the regent of Tibet attempted to monopolize power.


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