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The Buddha Tree

First Dalai Lama
Gedun Drub (1391- 1474)
    He was one of the three great disciples (and perhaps the nephew) of Tsongkapa, the founder of the Gaden monastery near Lhasa. Tsongkapa developed the Gelugpa (Yellow Hat) order of Buddhism that stressed discipline and austerity, imposed celibacy, and prohibited alcohol consumption. The Gelugpas trace their spiritual lineage to the great teacher of Indian Buddhism, Atisha, who visited Tibet from 1042 to 1054. Gedun Drub was abbot of Gaden, and founded the Tashilhumpo monastery near Shigatse, west of Lhasa, a move that further solidified the Gelugpa. He also promoted the system of reincarnated lamas, which assured the smooth transition of spiritual leaders from one generation to the next.


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